musings of a lunar lupine

23 March 1983
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about me,,,, hmm... lets see (never good at this)

*BOW*.... I am Dark raven wolf, (DW) an Australian dingo with irish wolf ties,
a Therian
and I Live in West Aust.

I’m a writer
a dreamer
a Philosophiser
and a cruel SOB

ok...that last bits a lie (well the cruel part anyway... the other I can't help my ego)
I am generally really nice.
But really calm and a little shy.
I love to chat, so IM me or comment as you feel.
Trust me, you wont be able to get rid me.

FOR MORE INFOMATION: (http://www.myspace.com/drwhowlings)
or just ask me in person... I take all reasonable question and answer in 24 hours (unless i'm busy..or in bed... or eatting or breathing... then I'll get back ASAP..;))

NOTE TO THOSE ASKING: I'll never use my human name online... for 2 points...
1. i've had to many creepy people just track me down and
2. you don't need to know it anyway call me DW, wolfie or Dorch