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wolf updates

I will admit like normally.. I really don't have much to update


1. I did end up telling my mother about Foxie.... which she took in her usual annoying stride
so now all that's left is an actual introduction

she did surprise me by by asking if I wa thinking of moving down foxies way
yeh sure I have.... but that's in 3-4 years time..... the fact that she's approving of it now...*meerff*

I quote " I know long distance relationships don't work all to well.. so  your thinking about moving down to him are you?"

I both love her and am annoyed by the way she treats these things.... I actually build up the courage to say something and.. the response is " oh.. alright"... *chuckles*
I wouldn't swap mothers for the world


Foxie..is doing well too...... even if he makes me feel foolish

any concern I might have..... and I love him dearly but there are many.. ( as there are in most relationships)... he seems able to silence with a sentence or two

there is a honest innocence about him... no promises.. just a nervous willingness to try and do anything reasonable to keep me happy

so I ask something and end up feeling like it was foolish to even doubt... *smiles*


another month... then I can look him in the eye when he says " I love you".. and he can look me in mine when I reply


side note.. I might be leaning the piano..... it depends on if my fingers can stop hurting from what little practice I've done



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Nov. 10th, 2010 09:04 am (UTC)
fap harder, it will toughen the palms...oops, do you need calloused palms to play the piano?

*wanders off muttering to himself as all old farts do...*
Nov. 10th, 2010 09:08 am (UTC)
in that cause I have the palms of a farmer

but no.. it's the finger tips that need to work
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