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a question

what is better.. to say something you know might be true and turn out to be completely wrong
or to hold your tongue in till you know it really is true

i'm a quiet dingo..... a mutt of few words.. because that was the best way for me to survive earlier in my life
you keeps your muzzle down, took nothing at face value, and never let anything slip your lips unless there was an advantage in it for you and your problems are your own to handle

it's a thinking that affects my even now days.... in small ways

one of these ways is..... i'm.... reluctant to announce things.... in till I'm completely sure or have no other choice...... and I know this does annoy and hurt people

it's a constant complaint from my mother........ that I never tell her anything in advance, if at all.....I will admit having lost the ability to talk to her freely over the years

she does ends up knowing 90% of what goes on..... even if it's told after the fact

(i tend to keep the small problems to myself..... deal with them... and not bother people unless they can help_)

i'm not good with running commentries..... instead give monthly status reports and I will always leave out the things that aren't currently ongoing

but that doesn't top me from being guilty when she finds out about something..... how ever long later

which lead me to the question

in context........my foxie...... it's been 4 months now....... and I know I'm in love with the idea..... but I won't know for sure till after Dec

so do I have the right to keep something possibly this large from her..... simply in case it amounts to nothing

or should I just own up blushing and all..... and go through the things mothers do in these cases

one thing I have to do at least is get a proper photo to show.......*smiles*

I will admit being a little scared about taking a step down the "it's real" path...... which telling a parent is a big step in



Tags: foxs, indecisive moments, mother, wolfie asks
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