December 12th, 2010



<_<.. dam


first update in a month and it's to say I may not update for 3 weeks

(kids can you say redundant.. repeat after me now.... re-dun-dant)

for those of you I haven't told in person.......I'm flying out on Monday morning to spend Christmas and new year with foxie

(e back about the 4th of Jan)

I'll be taking my laptop with me..... but it's use will depend on if I can get my hands on an external screen

(my laptop screen is still cracked since I was saving up for the trips.. rather then repairing it)

to say I'm excited and nervous is an understatement (i've been packed and ready to go for a week)

not only am i going to be there for 3 weeks.... but I will probably be meeting all of the immediate family while I'm there (and anyone who attends the family Christmas party)

foxie is beside himself and has been babbling on for the last few weeks about all the surprises he has planned (one of which is a choc indulgence date...^_^ and me taking him to see tron legacy)

...... this is going to be the very least...... it will be special to see in the new year like this

mum is going through the "my baby doesn't need me any more" thing that mothers do
as much as she is happy and I have her assurance that she is going to be ok for Christmas... you can tell shes a little sad


honestly other then that... nothing else has really happened..... I do hope I have a lot more to post about  in the next few weeks ( even if I have to collar a fox and drag him around kicking and screaming)

*sighs then smiles *wish me luck